So awesome to (re) meet you all today!

Just a reminder there is no Class on Monday.

One week from today you will need your ONE MINUTE biographies posted to the box site. (Yes, in the biographies folder). Sophisticated bios could use digital media and social networks, embrace videos, interactive diagrams, and/or multimedia features.  Try this process: research+reflect+design/create.  You will need to do some additional research.  While the bios we did in class today are a good jumping off point, they won’t be enough.

A biography is a detailed description of a person that involves more than just the basic facts. It portrays a person’s experience. You MUST use media, make a video, design a poster, give a TED talk, write a song….Have fun, show us what you’re made of!

Research ideas: one minute snapshots, elevator pitch, bio boards.

Biographies that you filled in today are also posted on box (per request).

Can you do better than “My Dad Song” (you’re welcome).


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