Go where people are smarter than you!

Thank you to our guest and recent graduate: Gerardo Torres Davilla . His suggestions are to check out WebFlow, Consider Figma.  His words of wisdom, “Don’t work for free. Be Relentless. Be Optitistmistic. Go where people are smarter than you. Surround yourself with good people.”

Other Resources from today’s talk: Https://iso.rochester.edu/  Oh and job searches, search Twitter.

Course Work Updates:

Dec. 4 (W) and Dec. 9 (M)- Prepare for Year End Presentation

Dec 9 (M)- SECOND Bi-weekly Written Progress Report Due by midnight.

Dec.  11 (W) End of Year PRESENTATIONS – These improved versions of your October presentation should highlight refinements to original project design and the progress you’ve made. They should also offer a concrete plan for winter break and the spring semester for building and testing a prototype/proof of concept and completing your capstone. As in October, the presentations will be assessed by a panel of faculty and Digital Media professionals and groups will get critical feedback toward improving their projects.

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