Final Capstone Information

Nice to see you today. Here’s the detailed information about the final:

Final Capstone Reports. Due May 6th due at 5PM, each capstone group will author a FINAL reflection. These final reflections are added to the capstone reports you have been authoring over the year.

Included in the report: a self-assessment of the final outcome and what important skills and insights you learned in creating it. Think of this as the FINAL chapter of your entire previous group reports reflecting on the entire capstone project and experience and how it forces you to learn and grow.  Additionally, please make sure to include a link to your website and your final poster in the report (sometimes those get lost in there are they are important details)

Final Capstone Website: Due May 6th, each group will turn in a website (not a presentation)  this term. Web addresses can be obtained through the digital scholarship lab if you don’t have one already. The website must include (but is not limited to) your poster, video, and language about the project from your reports. What makes a good website? It’s designed with a purpose, clean and easy to navigate. Make sure you check for errors before submitting the site!

Submit your final report, a link to your website and final video in box in the FINAL report folder. There you can upload your report. In that folder, you will find a folder for your video and a folder for a link to your website.

You’re almost there!


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