Project Team (left to right)

Michael Keane: Visual Designer, Creative Lead
Conley Ernst: Technical Lead
Michelle Bushoy – Marketing Lead
Carolyn Zelicoff – UX/UI Lead

Project Description

It can be difficult to find a meal that you like from food trucks. You don’t always know where they are located, what’s on the menu, or what dietary restrictions they value. Curb solves the gap between consumer and food truck by supplying information in one handy location instead of being all over the place.

Curb is a web app that allows for a centralized way for both food trucks and consumers to reach each other. For people with dietary restrictions, picky eaters, or those who just want to know what’s around them, Curb can quickly help them find a solution by showing which food trucks are nearby, in addition to specific dietary information for each truck. This application is beneficial for food trucks and consumers alike as it garners attention from consumers, while helping consumers find where they want to go.

Lunch breaks are dissipating in America’s work culture today. A study done by nationally regarded human resource consulting firm, Robert Half, showed that 56% of employees in 28 different states typically take 30 minutes or less for lunch. In that short of a lunch period, employees have no time to search through lunch options or wait at a busy restaurant. Curb fixes this issue by displaying GPS locations showing what’s nearby, menus to see what’s available, and nutritional information to help make that decision even easier. Food trucks are efficient and easy, and Curb can make them even easier. Busy professionals and food truck enthusiasts alike will have an easy to use and readily available resource to help them through their lunch making plans, especially in a time

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