Project Team (left to right)

Tallis Polashenski: Lead Programmer
Mojin Yu: Lead UI/UX
Sarah Ogunji: Lead Researcher/ Marketer
Verona Shuwei Wang: Lead Researcher/ Content Designer
Amina Shareef: Lead Graphic Designer

Project Description

Children are always asking questions. Why is the sky blue? How do waves crash in the ocean? They are constantly inquiring about the world around them and eager to learn how things work. However, by the time they reach middle or high school, many students become frustrated with learning instead of excited by it. Why is this? There are multiple factors, but one includes learning styles. Research has identified three main learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (or hands-on). United States classrooms predominantly depend upon the auditory learning style, but this means that students who are strongest with visual or kinesthetic learning are unable to learn as effectively in a classroom setting. When students go home to study or do homework, they adhere to the same method of learning they see in class, but again, this isn’t as beneficial to those who are not strongest in auditory learning. Many students are unaware of other study techniques that may work better for them, or which learning style is their strongest. And that’s where PersonalizED comes in.

Our aim is to build a web application using the Spring Tool Suite (in Java), that allows our adolescent users to better identify their individual learning strengths to help them maximize their learning efficacy and build self-confidence in their ability to succeed in school. Our application will include a multi-modal learning strength questionnaire to help identify individual learning strengths and then pro-vide tips and techniques of how to use those strengths. Additionally, there will be a virtual study space to allow students to practice these skills and study in a way that is most effective for them.

To learn more, visit the PersonalizED project website and follow them on Instagram!

Team PersonalizED presents their work at the DMS Capstone Prototype Fair, 20 March 2019