R2/R Squared

Project Team:

Gerardo Torres Davila

Project Description:

According to the US News & World University Ranking, The University of Rochester offers one of the finest liberal arts educations in the country – it consistently ranks in the top 30 spots out of more than 5000 colleges in the US. However, when U of R students are pressed on the deficiencies of their experience, they consistently mention that they wish there was more technical coursework available that would better prepare them for industry jobs. Students also mention feeling somewhat disconnected from the greater creative community in the Rochester community (transportation is a significant issue).

R2 hopes to address these two concerns and improve the college experience for
students in these two institutions. R2 is a website designed for students in the creative
and visual fields at RIT and U of R that will foster collaboration and exchange between
them. The website will offer clear instructions on how to take advantage of the free
Intercollegiate Registration program. Each institution has very valuable public program-
ming – from the Vignelli Design Lecture series at RIT, to the Expertise & Evidence Lecture series from the Humanities Center at the University of Rochester – yet, it’s hard to find these opportunities to learn and network if one is an outsider to the institution. Addition ally, the website will have a travel guide between the three colleges through public and private transportation. R2 will create a community of like-minded students and draw from the core strengths from each university; the project will create a digital hub through Slack in which students from these institutions can share experiences, introduce themselves, and help each other in common challenges like graduate school applications, internship search, and critique. Additionally, the project has iterated to encompass a social media vertical in which relevant news will be posted.