Project Team (left to right)

Tori Madway: Creative Lead, Web Designer, UX/UI Developer
Alexis Lynn; Technical Lead, Programmer, Audio Expert

Project Description

Equa is a tool to bring customized & accessible audio output to anyone, anytime, no audio knowledge required! Sound sensitivities are not kept in mind during audio mixing, and thus most auditory media is not accessible to listeners triggered by loud or high-pitched noises. Equa addresses this problem by allowing anyone to use audio processing technology to customize their listening experience through a simple and accessible interface.

If you find yourself avoiding movie theaters, irritated by barking dogs, physically uncomfortable while enduring microphone feedback or poorly mixed live audio, constantly turning down the radio, or wanting to slap someone for their loud chewing, you might have benefit from monitoring yoursound intake; nails on a chalkboard shouldn’t need to be a daily experience.Many of the uncomfortable daily noises can be combated by a good pair of ear plugs, but budget-friendly options do not grant customization. Personalizing the EQ of your audio output (to boost the vocals, cut off high frequencies, and/or reducethe volume range) is currently only possible with audio processing software –if you have the resources to do so. The rest of us need a simpler solution to this access problem: a personal audio adjusterpre-set for hypersensitivity. Equais the first tool with this functionality –andno high price tag.