DMS 373W/Research Based (SPRING 2020)

Spring DMS 373W – Research Option/ Individual Digital Media Research 

Your group project work takes a backseat to your research this semester while you identify a compelling issue in our digital media landscape to research and reflect upon. Topics can vary widely but should be broad and ambitious. Examples might include: debates over videogame violence, digital media/web-based news coverage of particular media issues [presidential campaigns, gun violence, climate change, etc. but emphasizing the unique nature of web vs. television/print coverage], debates over/uses of social media/specific platforms (Yik Yak vs. others, LinkedIn,, the elderly and the web/social media, expectations of privacy in the digital age/laws and practices; cookies, phishing, viruses, spyware; web advertising techniques and psychology; profiles of major DM industry services/providers; links between technology advances and DM content creation breakthroughs; drones/UAVs, laws, privacy, and safety; gender, trolls and the videogame industry; videogames and education; Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality technology and content creation.

Research papers are NOT “reviews” of games, sites or products in a commercial sense, but rather discuss social, cultural, political, and theoretical aspects and implications of your topic. Research designs that incorporate some degree of quantitative research are encouraged. YOU CAN structure this paper in part to consider your actual capstone project (its implications and perhaps potential unintended consequences) but will need to go beyond its specifics to address bigger, more general digital media considerations.