Project Team (left to right)

William Gousios: Design Co-Lead
Jong-Sun Mayele: Design and Business Lead
Tianyu Wang: Design Lead
Ryan Chui: Business Co-Lead
Ethan Weinsten: Content Creator
Victoria Bongard: Media and Outreach Lead
Ellie Yu: UX/UI Lead

Project Description

We live in a day and age where people around the globe, especially the younger generation, our millennials and Gen-Zers are vehemently aware of the issues of climate change. The problem that we face goes two-fold—while a huge population acknowledges the imminent threat of climate change, not many people know where to begin to tackle climate change due to the scale of the inherent issue. There exists a gap in specific knowledge about what actions can be done to most effectively make an impact on the current situation. With Viridescent, we want to provide a platform for people to get informed, and involved, in combating climate change. We want to target people who are concerned about climate change but are unsure what steps they can take.

Viridescent is a three part process: Engage, Educate, Enact.

This will be a thorough campaign to first, remove the stigma, or skepticism revolving
seeking resolutions to climate change, and finally, to divert internet traffic onto our landing page and start attaining a user base for Viridescent. We will achieve this through leveraging our digital media expertise to produce elaborate media content which will be distributed with targeted ads that would be generated with Google Ads.

This is our running solution to help an individual work towards alleviating climate change.
Viridescent will take the form of scalable publications (dubbed “Volumes”, each
dedicated to a specific climate issue).

This will be the crux of our value proposition – to inform sustainable decision making. This
is subject to change as we narrow down key metrics that we feel confident in being able to
provide for perpetuity. The idea is to provide detailed listings and suggestions of green investment funds and information of your local representatives and non-profit organizations based on a map API that we will integrate with open-source Mapbox. The public data exists and the team will be hard at work to find a sustainable formula to achieve this.